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Squeel snapperheads Squeel!

First time I saw Kofi I said he looked like he crawled out of a bottle of Mad Dog Liquor. those people are corrupt to the bone and Secy Bolton is right to do some flaying. Throughout the acts of dictatorial rulers, killing of innocent people and tyrants attempting to spread their influence this organization sat back and did nothing. Oil For Food, Rwanda, their milqtoast forces raping young girls, etc. They always want the power, the money and prestige but never any responsibility. Their stay in this country should be ended permanently along with our association with them. They feel indignant enough to insult us well they can go and handle their own afairs. The fact is, they need US more than we need them. that's the one thing they'll never admit.

Comment Posted By Jefferson D. Grindle On 11.06.2006 @ 05:12

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