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Moderate Republicans are those who will, as Malcolm Wallop noted, when confronted with a Democrat bill to burn down the Capitol, counter with one to phase in the conflagration over three years.

Yes, it's important to win, but it's also important to get things right. Me-tooism on things like card check (which Scozzafava supported) tend to disqualify candidates in my mind. Dede might have agreed with the mainstream R's on 90% of the agenda (I'm thinking it was more like 40%, including the issue of not torturing puppies to death), but when that 10% of heterodoxy means bankrupting the nation and having business held hostage by union goons and the Dept. of Labor, that 10% looms large.

Rick, you're way off base here.

Comment Posted By Jeffersonian On 3.11.2009 @ 16:29


For the Left, "Swiftboating" has morphed into a shorthand for confronting a Democratic candidate with uncomfortable, unpopular facts about his or her past. Far from a smear, it goes to the heart of what this person's political instincts are, what his affinities tend to be and what his worldview consists of outside the neatly-packaged talking points of the burning issues of the day.

For Obama, it tells me that he is entirely too comfortable with people who see America as an almost unalloyed evil. For the one person who is sworn to protect our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, this does not fill me with confidence.

Comment Posted By Jeffersonian On 25.04.2008 @ 14:45


Color me content. Truly. I'd much rather have Obama's radical past come out a month or six weeks before the election than now. His glassy-eyed acolytes will never doubt him, but enough clear-eyed Americans will. Better to keep this keg of powder dry for when it can be detonated to greatest effect.

Comment Posted By Jeffersonian On 20.04.2008 @ 14:34

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