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Dear Richard Bottoms,

Please stop sucking dick at the Daily KOS. You're assessment of Newt is near word for word what Armando put out. Stop being a KOSsack, pull your head out of's ass and think for yourself.

Besides, Gingrich wasn't the only one to call for censure. Zell Miller and a few others called for it as well.

(Of course you're probably going to disavow Zell as some traitor because he's against your democratic party. Either taht or make up some B.S. line about how you didn't read that over at the Daily Kos and how it was all your words. Face facts sucker: your are a friggin' zombie to the media from the left. I doubt you even know where FNC sits on your station guide.)

Damn, I came in here to explain censure and show approval of it in this instance and I end up beating up on trolls. It's like cockroaches: when you squish one, two more pop up in its place. I think it's time to start poisoning the nest (metaphorically): Eschaton, Kos, Skippy, et. al.

Comment Posted By Jeremy H. Bol On 20.06.2005 @ 19:24

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