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I'm still trying to figure out how the left claims that we deserved 9/11 for America's sins but on the other hand they vomit 9/11 conspiracies that it was an inside job by the Bush administration. I know that coherent thought is lacking by the left and most Democrats but this is just down right psychotic. To have this mentality back in the White House or in Power with the influence of the lunatic left would be inevitable suicide.

Comment Posted By Jiggity On 10.09.2006 @ 14:52



Just what I thought. Your rant has nothing to do with this post. We all get it - you hate Bush, Republicans, Rove...whatever. I thought you were serious but I was wrong. Nice touch with the tears stuff...real mature and ever so thought provoking. We'll you've really given me a lot to consider.

Comment Posted By Jiggity On 26.07.2006 @ 20:47


Can you give any examples that center right bloggers are engaging in that's comparable to the tactics of the left. I mean you come on a center right blog and comment wanting a fight but you can't even set it up on your first post? If you think exposing sock puppets of prominent bloggers is the same as making threats to a bloggers kid, I think you may in fact need to understand your own projection. Please don't get me wrong, if some right wing blogger threatens someone I would condemn that tactic too. Maybe if you spent more time on lefty blogs you could change minds of the unhinged.But then again...perception is only reset once someone of your political desire is in office. Good luck!

Comment Posted By Jiggity On 26.07.2006 @ 19:12

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