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This situation as you describe may or may not be a problem. One problem that is clearly obvious, however, is that fear of brown people is being used as a propaganda tool. Another obvious problem is that eventually people notice that there have been lots of "boy crying wolf", but no actual wolf has bombed or killed anybody on american soil since 9/11.

Either have one of your republican agents bomb some ugly american in the name of allah so that everyone can go back to hiding under their beds again, or dump the fear mongering.

I'm gotten quite bored with brown-people-fear and would appreciate it if you repubs could add some variety to your menu. How about fear of cars? After all, you are 390 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist.


Think about that the next time you fill your tank. While you're at it, think about where your gas comes from. Think about all the countries in the world who could benefit from a good invasion in the name of democracy, and consider the amount of oil those countries *don't* have.

I'm sure it's all just coincidence.

ps - kudos for having the conjones to enable unregistered comments, most people don't. I turned mine off, since there's nothing there yet.

Comment Posted By Johanna On 3.10.2006 @ 18:46

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