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A "leak" is disseminating a Senator's choice of restuarant. "Whistleblowing" is approaching outsiders for help with a policy disagreement, which may necessitate revealing classified info.

In the time of "The Pentagon Papers" if someone wanted to blow a whistle the press was the only vehicle available which would try to shield the talker.

Since then, however, those dissatisfied with (or fearful of) response from their organization have gotten other avenues --- including direct access to Congress.

To not take advantage of open avenues before stepping outside and revealing info to the public is not being responsible. It should be a last resort, and the person[s] doing so must be willing to take consequences, including possible trial as a traitor. For the bigger MSM outlets, remembering that newer avenues are available seems impossible, and hyping those who disclose classified info as heroic is at best hyperbole.

Comment Posted By John Anderson On 24.04.2006 @ 10:29

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