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That officers in charge of prisons such as Abu Ghraib would not know that people in their command were torturing Iraqi prisoners on a fairly regular basis is inconceivable. To say that would be tantamount to saying nobody was watching the shop, which should at least have led to a dereliction of duty charge for some brass-hatted no load. They'd have to be either rank incompetents or drunks for such disastrous behavior on the part of enlisted personnel supposedly under their command to occur.

You'd have to be an inmate in a Rightwing Nuthouse to believe otherwise.

Question: Is Super Hawk really Jeff Gannon? I read this on another blog. That he would have gone from being White House executive butt attendant to the host(ess) of an enterprise as feeble as this one is interesting to say the least. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Comment Posted By John Boucher On 24.04.2005 @ 09:44

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