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It seems to me there is another way to critique Frank's argument. He assumes that most people who vote for the Republicans have been fooled into voting for a party against their interests. This rests on the assumption that lower middle-class or middle-class people recognize their true interests as being a government which moves money in their direction.

But a substantial number of people in those groups believe (rightly or wrongly) that their opportunity to advance would be best served by a government which limits its involvement in the marketplace (in a broad sense - not just economics). That is, fewer regulations, lower taxes, etc. Many of these people are OK (again, rightly or wrongly) with a government which legislates to some extent on social issues. Since the Republicans, until recently, limited meddling in the marketplace, that party had the support of those people. In other words, those people WERE voting for their economic interests (again, as they saw them, rightly or wrongly) because they believed their interests were best served by a government which limited meddling.

Comment Posted By John G. On 31.01.2010 @ 20:20


I get 319,149K per consumer as well. I guess the nuns were busy paddling someone that day eh. Where the hell is the Republican conservative outrage at this. I could have just about paid off my mortgage with that money. You know we didn't rebel the first time because King George only imposed a tax on tea, no no no. The colonists rebeled because the tax was used to fund post fact his war with France, and imposed without representation of the American colonies. SOUND FAMILIAR, can you say just about every piece of legislation since November of last year that has to do with spending & regulation. Good-bye grand experiment of democracy.

Comment Posted By John G. On 24.09.2009 @ 11:37

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