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You are missing the point. The *threat* of terrorism is much greater than the historical toll. The threat includes the release of a deadly contagious virus or the explosion of a crude nuclear weapon in an American city. The threat is real and is a result of the twin trends of Islamist extremism and the march of (destructive) technology.

Furthermore, 9-11 was a major event - not just for its death toll, but for its impact on society and the economy. After all, more were killed there than Pearl Harbor. Would you have argued in 1941 that Japan and Germany were not major threats because fewer than 3000 Americans had been killed by them... yet?

One reason 9-11 happened was a Democratic administration that treated terrorism like you suggest - a minor threat, low casualties, a police matter, no big deal.

Even the Republicans' "inadequate" response has stopped attacks that would have killed thousands. Imagine what the political scene would look like right now if the 2006 plot to blow up a dozen jumbo jets over American cities had not been thwarted?

The Republicans *should* be taken more seriously on this because, in spite of the failure to do a better job (hey, when does the government do a good job?), they at least recognize and respond to the threat.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have crippled our intelligence agencies every chance they got, starting in the 70's and continuing into their current legislative action that has effectively ended much of our electronic intelligence gathering.

Comment Posted By John Moore On 1.03.2008 @ 13:58


The timeline could be interpreted to mean that the Superdome had effective law enforcement and adequate supplies.

Read this first hand report from a friend who was in the Superdome to discover the real situation, which was anarchy, with rape and murder common, and no protection at all for civilians. The "evacuation center" was really a trap holding innocent victims for predation by the worst elements of society.

Comment Posted By John Moore On 6.09.2005 @ 01:21

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