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Rick -- What a FANTASTIC encapsulation of the post 9/11 schism between left and right. During the 1990s we all sang lullabies while the Muslims set up wars in our domain. But the reality of our predicament is FAR WORSE: fully 5 years after Islam's rape of America, and for whatever reasons, the entire West is still utterly asleep about Islam -- we are still completely unprepared for the Muslim onslaught that is gaining momentum against us. In every quarter Muslims are working to subvert our systems and cause us harm yet we still tolerate them in our midst -- in fact we ENCOURAGE them to spread their cancer unchecked in our domain. Most of us still don't have the slightest clue about that blood stained 'religion' of hatred and conquest, despite many Muslims speaking out clearly about their malilgnant intentions.

Whether through bake sales at the local mosque, obfuscating on National TV the rapine nature of Islam, or through beheadings and burnings and bombings -- ALL Muslims are determined to see more Islam and less of us.

Our Western leadership (both left AND right) is guillty of not educating itself or us about the heinous nature of this primitive eating machine of Islam. It has eaten many great cultures and religions and excreted them out as waste products -- think or Persia in her former greatness, and now the cesspool Iran has become -- think of Hindu India raped for a thousand years until two huge chunks got thrown to the ravenous wolf (and now, his appetite whetted, he wants Kashmir and more)-- think of Christian Byzantium formerly the center of gravity of Christianity (and therefore the apple of Islam's eye at the time) now a wasteland known as Turkey where Mein Kampf is on the best seller list -- Think of the entire Christian and Jewish Middle East... now a seething sewer of Arab bigotry and Islamic genocide -- The beast has passed this way -- we see the spoor of Islam everywhere we look: backwardness, hatred, hopelessness, totalitarianism, corruption, evil -- that's Islam's domain. Who had the bright idea to let millions of these vectors of destruction into our domain? Once we collectively knew they were our mortal enemies!

The diamond of the West was cleaved brilliantly on that day in September -- and, in the same manner that the Jihadists used our own wealth and prowess against us by perverting the uses of our property and technology -- the passenger plane becomes a missile -- the fuel becomes his incendiary -- the weight of the plane and passengers become throw-weights, their memory a poisonous stiletto to carve our hearts at the thought of their pathetic powerlessness to prevent it -- the Western media as the perfect terror force-multiplier and their greatest mosque megaphone. Our mortal enemy brilliantly exploited our innate fractures and fault lines to perfect effect.

Did the cleaving of the Western diamond, the PERMANENT sundering of the increasingly radical left and the right destroy the value of the gem? Or did it go a long way towards removing the ugly flaws which developed over time? I'm still trying to decide.

In November this lifelong Democrat plans on jumping ship -- into what waters I do not no -- we're all in uncharted territory now. We've already sailed too far from those former September 10th shores -- and we'll never see that land again.

Comment Posted By John Scheafer On 10.09.2006 @ 13:02

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