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Can we now stop calling Blitzer Wolf? Maybe Poodle or Peek?

Comment Posted By Ken Hahn On 17.11.2007 @ 15:27


I am rather glad Terry Moran said what he did. I don't agree with it in the least. I think the sneering elitism of the opinion was contrary to any progress toward a society free of racism and bias. If he's fired for expressing his opinion, it would be as destructive as if he were promoted.

I'm glad because it's another reason to distrust the establishment media. They will continue to bleed readers and viewers so long as Terry's opinion is percieved to be dominant. There will be no reform of the overwhelming bias of the media giants until it costs them enough to crate a demand for reform.

I cannot say it is harmless because the Duke 3 spent a year fighting a totallly political charge that was supported by the media, even when it became obvious that it was political. That is unacceptable.

I hope ABC keeps Terry and I hope the continue to lose viewers until they realize that comments like his make a lot of people look for alternative news sources.

Comment Posted By Ken Hahn On 16.04.2007 @ 07:49

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