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//There may have been a time in the bi-polar world created by the rivalry between the USA and USSR when the UN served a purpose. In this one instance, it was indeed better to pretend that what the world body did mattered, that the talking-shooting scenario was important to the continued existence of life on the planet. The alternative was unthinkable.

But that was when both superpowers recognized the efficacy of the UN fig leaf. They could climb down from confrontation without loss of prestige or face. In this case, it was mutually assured pretending that kept the peace and prevented the missiles from flying.

Such calculations are lost on our adversaries today. To them, the UN exists as a PR adjunct, a useful tool to massage western media and sap the will to resist among the populations of the only people with the wherewithal to stop their mad designs from coming to fruition. In this, the UN has become part of their media strategy.//

The one thing that is so different from that day and now is the Soviets were atheists. This life was all they believed in, this was it. One shot, boom, over. If they screwed it up and got themselves wiped out, that was it.

The Islamofascists believe they are going to die martyrs and receive a reward for starting a nuclear holocaust or at very least, for killing infidels. There is nothing secular, nothing at all to make them think twice on this. They have nothing to live for anyway, they are oppressed, the mullahs and the royals in the emirates keep their people down, Heaven, with a bunch of virgins waiting on them, looks pretty promising to them.

The UN was a place where the Soviets could save face when stood down, by someone. The Jihadists care nothing about standing down.

Good piece, sir. I enjoyed reading it.

Comment Posted By LASunsett On 26.08.2006 @ 19:11


Politics is a carefully crafted art.

Comment Posted By LASunsett On 29.09.2005 @ 20:29

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