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Chip mentions something important -- Congress merely "authorized" war, didn't "declare" it. The President was authorized to act in good faith on the best info he could get. There was never a Congressional authorization for Bush to act in bad faith (e.g., cherry-picking evidence, proceeding without a back-up plan or exit strategy) or on his "gut" rather than expert info (e.g., ignoring Gen. Shinseki on needed troop levels and never even talking to George H.W. Bush, who had unique experience).

It's not Congress that's backing out of a bargain, it's Bush who never held up his end.

Comment Posted By LarryRiedman On 14.09.2007 @ 14:42


You are cutting President Bush too much slack when you say "he allowed his political opponents to define the war, the mission, even the president’s own motives in going to war while substituting a narrative that savaged him and people who supported him."

Look at the realities in Iraq and play back in your mind the statements and decisions of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bremer and the rest of the crew -- they're preposterous of themselves; no comments from opponents are needed. Play back in your mind how a legion of inexperienced political hires were sent to run Iraq, the museum looting, Abu Ghraib, no WMDs, etc., etc., etc. -- no comments from opponents are needed. There has been no "narrative substituted." This story is all Bush's.

Comment Posted By LarryRiedman On 14.09.2007 @ 16:15

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