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You said it yourself, Rick.

"Now firing the bastard won’t do anything to slake the thirst of the scandal mongers for blood. All it will do is make Bush look even weaker when he has to throw his AG to the dogs after promising to stand by him. And with a couple of Congressional Committees using electron microscopes to go over the documentation here, you can be sure they’ll find something else newsworthy every single day that will embarrass the Administration and make them look even worse – if that’s possible."

The Democrats are not in this for the reasonable maintenance of checks and balances to allow our grand democracy to keep rolling along. They are in this to cause as much damage to George W. Bush and the GOP as possible, by whatever means necessary, to gain as much political power as they can.

We are up against Islamist terrorists who will use whatever means necessary to reach their goals. We are up against the Democrats who will use whatever means necessary to reach their goals. And we scratch our heads and wonder why so often these two groups have the exact same agenda points.

Damn the torpedoes, George. Full speed ahead.

Comment Posted By Lightwave On 25.03.2007 @ 08:24


Rick, you're missing the point.

The real story here is the fact that the Democrats have just proven to the world that they are willing to actively ally themselves with the enemies of America in order to gain political power.

Let's stop and digest this fact.

The Democrats are willing at this point to actively inform our enemies, our aliies, and the American people that they will sabotage America's military efforts to win in Iraq for the sole purpose of damaging the President politically.

This is the only logical conclusion. If the goal was to leave Iraq as soon as possible, Pelosi would have voted to cut funding immediately. If the goal was to save our troops, Pelosi would have tied the immediate withdrawal to an orderly exit starting now.

But this is not the case. The Democrats are willing to fund the war and risk another year of putting troops in harm's way. They do not care about Iraq, because they know us leaving will not solve their problems. They do not care about the troops, because they are willing to continue to fund the war and keep the troops in harm's way just to make a politically viable deal.

So when we have the Democrats actively sabotaging the military efforts of America at war, we need to start calling it what it is.

Treason. Pelosi and the House Dems need to be rounded up. They need to be prosecuted. And they need to suffer the consequences of these high crimes against America.

It is politically more complex than simply calling it treason? Yes. Is it intellectually so? No, by your own logic Rick, it's not. It it morally so? Not in the least.

It's time to stop politically pussyfooting around. Everyone who voted for this bill, the two Republicans included, are guilty of treason. Period.

It's far past time to treat it as such, and for the President to act upon it.

Comment Posted By Lightwave On 24.03.2007 @ 11:25


And still Monday morning nobody in the MSM is reporting about the reality on the ground in DC this weekend and the fact that the Gathering of Eagles outdrew the protest march on the Pentagon by thousands if not tens of thousands.

GoE represents a sea change in the thinking of the American people as we find our troops opening up the fifth year in Iraq with a new strategy that's working, a new general with a solid counterinsurgency background, and a new realization among the people that our troops are doing the job and that the only possible way we can lose is if the Democrats force our surrender.

Just like the real story in DC last week was the "triple-witching" congressional Democrat bloodbath on the Hill as the Dems overreached on Gonzales, lost their bid to surrender to AQ in the Senate, and saw Valerie Plame lie under oath to America and destroy their entire case, the major story that should be on the front pages of every news outlet in the US should read "Gathering of Eagles Affirms America's Desire For Victory In Iraq" but instead reads things like "Voices From Iraq 2007: Ebbing Hope in a Landscape of Loss", Standoff Over War Funds Looming" and "Iraq war's statistics prove fleeting".

To the MSM, it's all about sowing doubt and discord among Americans over a war that is vital to our national security if not our continued existence. The irony of "supporting our troops" has long been lost on the media in America.

It's far past time to start asking who the real enemy is here.

Comment Posted By Lightwave On 19.03.2007 @ 07:07


It was good to see Brit Hume rip Plame apart on Fox News Sunday today:

HUME: And the other thing that needs to be noted here is when she says that she had nothing to do with getting her husband the trip, that flies in the face of the evidence adduced by the Senate Intelligence Committee whose findings were released not on a partisan basis — the bipartisan findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which was that she very much did have something to do with it, that she recommended him and that she put it in a memo.

WALLACE: So she was lying under oath?

HUME:I think that there is reason to question her credibility on that point.

Finally, Mark R. Levin over at The Corner made an excellent point today:

"Imagine the damage the New York Times did when it revealed the existence of the NSA intercept program, or when the Washington Post revealed the secret CIA prisons in Europe. When will Waxman hold hearings about any of this?"

Indeed, if the Democrats are so worried about the damage to the intelligence community cause by leaks, then they must investigate and if necessary prosecute those leakers as well.

Will they?

Of course not.

The Plame testimony backfire continues.

Comment Posted By Lightwave On 18.03.2007 @ 20:54

By the way, the guys over at Sweetness & Light have a pretty ironclad timeline on the entire Plame story and why the #1 leak suspect is Joe Wilson himself.

Comment Posted By Lightwave On 17.03.2007 @ 22:39

You last three posts pretty much cover the Washington trifecta this week, Rick. While the leftist media is ranting about how Bush is somehow in trouble, the reality is that the Democrats have seen everything blown up in their faces. After this week, what little credibility they had left has completely evaporated for the reasons you've given in your posts and the links included in them.

By all accounts, the story that should be leading every news outlet in the country is the fact the Democrats have suffered three massive self-inflicted political eviscerations.

1) Democrats manufactured a non-scandal about Gonzales that has fallen apart. Yes, his verbal fumbling made things worse. But by no means is this a firing offense, and everything the man did was 100% legal...because the Democrats voted overwhelmingly to give the AG the power to appoint USAs with no confirmation hearings when they reauthorized the Patriot Act. If we're talking incompetence leading to resignations, about 95% of the Senate Dems need to resign immediately. The bottom line is they look like a bunch of fools.

2) The Democrats suffered another massive defeat this week when their Senate bill surrendering to Al Qaeda was roundly defeated. Harry Reid slunk back under his rock and cried that he wasn't done, but the fact of the matter is the Dems' efforts to give up Iraq to AQ and Iran is officially dead. As the evidence mounts that the new strategy in Baghdad is working, voters will remember in 08 who voted to surrender to the terrorists (the Democrats) and who voted to give victory a chance (the GOP). The political ads write themselves. This vote is eventually going to end the careers of dozens of Senate Democrats.

and finally,

3) The Dems put Valerie Plame under oath, where she lied to Congress a half-dozen times about her covert status and who sent her husband to Niger. There's tons of evidence out there to dispute the timeline she put forth, and she proved herself to be a complete fraud in front of the entire country, and there's ample evidence for the DoJ to immediately prosecute Plame for the crime. Plame's testimony to Congress has done more to cement the fact that Scooter Libby never should have been put on trial to begin with, and that Patrick Fitzgerald was fishing for Bush White House staff all along. If anything, she's completely destroyed her own civil case, that should be thrown out immediately as well. Nice to see she's still got her book deal, but if OJ's book can be pressured into being canned out of sheer outrage, Plame's book can be too. By testifying before Congress, Plame removed any doubt that she and her husband led a political vendetta of the disgraced intelligence community that dropped the ball on 9/11 while simultaneously destroying the case against a pardon for Lewis Libby.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Democrats self-destructed this week, not the Republicans or Bush. But the liberal media won't share that opinion, of course.

The rest of America however is aware of the facts. The Democrats overreached and they're going to pay for it dearly in '08.

Comment Posted By Lightwave On 17.03.2007 @ 17:44

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