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I still don't understand. What is FEMA's mission. Why is it only in LA that FEMA was so incompentant. All I see is critisims that Brown didn't read his crystal ball and figure out everything in advance. Everything I have seen says that FEMA so far out performed any other reactions from any other Hurricanes in the past. FEMA has ALWAYS been the waiter in these situations. It still is the order taker in MS and Fl. The fact that New Orelans has an incompentant mayor and LA has an incompentant Govener is the problem. They let situation get so far out of control, then blamed the whole thing on FEMA. I for one do not want a bunch of SUPER FEDS who come in and stomp all over the locals. LA and NO voted those idiots in and are now trying to blame FEMA for their home grown idiots. Of course Brown was asking them what they needed, they were supposed to know what was happening on the ground, and what was happening in their cities. If they didn't know how could the FEDS be expected to know. It seems everything I read every one expected FEMA to be first responders, when the first responders didn't do the job. There is no way we can afford this kind of SUPER AGENCY, and I for one do not WANT one. It is every citizens responsibility to see that local government has a plan and that it is compelete. New Orleans had a plan but it had no practical down to earth way to implement it.

Comment Posted By Linda from Whittier, CA On 15.09.2005 @ 09:24

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