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Commenting on the Saturday and Sunday afternoon comments on the food situation, you seem to be implying (especially by what's in bold) that there was no food provided in the Astrodome. But there are reports of MREs being provided to the people in the Dome. Here's an interview with Lieutenant Kevin Cowan of the Louisiana National Guard:

COSTELLO: What kinds of things have you prepared for these 25,000 people?

COWAN: Well, you want to make sure that you have adequate needs as far as food and water go, make sure that they have facilities for the restroom, and somewhere for them to sleep. It's not going to be the Hilton, but at least it's a safe place that they can stay and not have to worry about the storm.

COSTELLO: Do they have enough water? Could -- were you able to bring in enough for them?

COWAN: Oh, yes. There's plenty of water, and we actually have more water staged and ready to go once the storm does pass through. We have the capabilities with our coordination with the state police, local law enforcement agencies, to where we can get out on the roads with our National Guard vehicles loaded down with the supplies, and get them down to wherever they need to go relatively easy.

COSTELLO: What kind of food have you provided for these people?

COWAN: Typically, we have the military meals ready to eat, the prepackaged food that the Army guys eat. It's healthy and tasty, and it's easy to package and easy to transport.

Comment Posted By Llama School On 6.09.2005 @ 10:39

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