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The problem that I see with the AGW activists is that they make the consequences of Global Warming so catastrophic. This is untrue.

What is the most benign period in the 22 thousand years since the last Ice Age? It occurred 7 to 8 thousand years ago. That was when the Earth was 2.5 degrees Celsius warmer than today. The rain forests were a quarter larger than now, but that was okay because the Sahara was a grassland.

The sea levels were six feet higher than now, but farmland was far more prevalent. Upper latitudes in Europe far above Moscow was grazing land. It was a bountiful time. That is what the AGW activists are trying to scare you with. It makes no sense.

Comment Posted By Louis Wheeler On 22.11.2009 @ 00:30


The thing that creeps out most Republicans is that they feel so weak now. Mostly, this is the Republican Party leadership's fault for abandoning the social conservatives in 2004. This led to the Conservatives ro abandon the Republican Party in 2006, thus, handing the Democrats the leadership of Congress. But, that merely gave us a gridlocked Congress that hasn't done much for either side. The best that the Republicans can hope for, now, is more gridlock with McCain and that is a depressing thought.

Then along comes Barack Obama who carries the specter of gaining the Presidency and, on his coattails, giving the Democrats a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. That is not just depressing, but frightening.

Obama has announced plans to eliminate the Bush Tax cuts as soon as possible which would lead to the much talked about recession we haven't seen yet. He has enough programs and plans for increased taxes in the offing to extend that repression for as long as he is in office.

The four Leftist justices on the Supreme Court will immediately retire and be replaced by 35 year olds even farther to the left. With their help, Obama is likely to promote wrongheaded social programs which will subvert the US Constitution and gather power to the federal government.

The cost of the federal government is currently about 20% of GDP. I expect that to mushroom even while our military is savagely cut.

The size of the Federal Register of regulations will balloon again after a decline of almost a third during the Bush administration. This will increase the cost of doing business during a recession. Talk about your lost jobs.

Taxes will go up, the cost of doing business will go up, unemployment will go up as the size of the Federal Government increases. The economy will go into the toilet. Wealth will flee from America as it becomes economically sick. I wouldn't be surprised at a repeat of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff act.

Therefore, as America become weaker and Social Democratic like Europe, the more Europe will love us. But it won't keep the Muslims from trying to kill us.

But is all this bad? No. Some people won't learn except through bad experiences. Partly, that is because the Mainstream Media and the educational establishment constantly lies to the public to confuse them.

Mainly, it is that, in the last thirty years, we have had too few administrations where the Presidency and the Congress were held by the Democrats. The electorate no longer remembers how disastrous a Democrat Party majority is. We Conservatives haven't been successful in pinning the tail of failure on the donkey, because the Democrats go out of office just in time to give the Republicans the blame for the recessions they cause.

But, if Obama wins and gets his majority in Congress, then all the blame will finally come down on the Democrats. That is a foul medicine for either side to swallow.

I hope that the electorate is wise enough to opt for gridlock again. If it does not, and elects Obama, then, at least, the Republican leadership will be repudiated like it was in 1976. The leadership must began again and a new Conservative base will emerge in the ensuing economic and social debacle which Obama will cause.

I do not believe that Obama has enough power or influence to subvert the Constitution. He can't use a fire at the House of Representatives as an excuse to take over dictatorial powers, because that has already been done. He can't confiscate our weapons, we have too many of them. The Military is unlikely to play along with Obama in a Coup d' Tat. Obama looks like a failed one-term Presidency, a la Jimmy Carter.

I hope he doesn't get too many Americans killed, though.

Comment Posted By Louis Wheeler On 1.08.2008 @ 23:59

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