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I am waiting for the hour to come when Jack takes out these bad guys to the point that you actually will lose count, but right now he can't shoot anybody--unless it is a fake out as was the case with Agent Walker and that was great!--He will just look menacing but never actually shoot the wrong person--except for the fake out.

Comment Posted By Lourie On 20.01.2009 @ 15:27


I was not disappointed in the first 4 hours at all. I originally was extremely skeptical about the resurrection of Tony, but since I am a die hard fan, I tuned in to find out how they could explain his come back. True Jack has only "1/2" offed ONE bad guy, but I am not the least bit disappointed. He did plenty of taking out bad guys in just a two hour time frame--Redemption--I feel he will be causing much blood shed soon. I accept Tony's return, and think he and Jack make an awesome team. I really like Agent Walker. Do not mess with her. Janis is no match for Chloe! All who think she is, should bite their fingers for even typing it. As for the lack of explosions, maybe it is budget related, pressure from the networks, who knows. It was TONY running that show. No way he would actually do that. Oh and yes, women have been killed before on 24. Nina, Terri Bauer, the list goes on.

Comment Posted By Lourie On 13.01.2009 @ 19:18

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