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When are you going to excoriate the Swift Boaters, cuz, Kerry is whining foul in front of Senate hearings.

You want to stay above the fray and be civilized. So get to it.

You start apologizing and I start working on the rest of the list for you to proselytize over.

Comment Posted By M algore On 5.03.2007 @ 05:51

You foolish right winger nut houses do not deserve to be in power. You think that you need to be civil and condemn Coulter.

Just as Bush is fighting a civilized war, Republicans are conducting cililized politics. America has uncivilized enemies on war front and the political front.

People like you continue to embolden them. You are helping the enemy. Quit being wussies to the enemy. The other side is playing for keeps, wake up and do the same.

Act like you want to win. The public that matters, understands. And the others, they want to grant ammesty and other traitorous things. They are trying to destroy us all and they dont matter!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Posted By M algore On 5.03.2007 @ 05:37

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