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So sardy...failed to add:

Ms. C may be a "Court Jester" but this lady's no fool. Foolish or stupid "Jesters" didn't last long in most courts. And as for her being a "Lout", the lady may act that way sometimes but I think that's usually a "put on" for the benefit of people like Matt "the Village Idiot" Lauer.

Comment Posted By M. Murray On 7.06.2006 @ 17:47

Ann Coulter fills the necessary position of the "Court Jester" of the Right. Can you imagine what you would be writing if she were not? Considering the fact that she is one of a handful on this side of the aisle, and that the other side has thousands, she's to be credited for holding her own. Does she occasionally hit the wrong key and sometimes make us wince? Yes. But consider what life would be without her. Are you right? Yes! But considering who and what she's up against, much should be forgiven. Right?

Comment Posted By M. Murray On 7.06.2006 @ 17:19


Re: Jason Maxfield Said (6:48 pm)
"I’m pretty convinced that the Republican party only cares about political victory—they are utterly immoral, ruthless, and dishonest—and I think people who believe in conservative values are fools to support them."

Jason there's something in the water. Gotta be! If they're "only interested in political victory", why are they acting like D.C. Democrats: a bunch of stupid, New-Age, Marxist's; who don't give a flying fig what the "majority" of Americans think? They say Rome fell because the upper crust drank water from villa pipes loaded with lead. What kind of slow acting, virtue corrupting, poison do you think is in the pipes inside the D.C. Beltway? Whatever it is, it seems to have had the same effect on the GOP that it did on the DNC. (Think about it! Most of these people were OK Americans before they went to Washington. Right?) Maybe we need to build a new Capital city somewhere in Kansas. Or, start two new political parties; two new, "American" political parties; with Term Limits in each party platform, to keep the electees from getting "poisoned" and trying to hurt the rest of us. Let's say something like: "No more than 20 years of elected office in the House or the Senate, or any combination thereof between the House and Senate; AND no one may serve in the Senate who has passed the age of 75." That might work, right? Let's roll.

Comment Posted By M. Murray On 1.06.2006 @ 08:48

Middle of the road Republicans and Independents who put J.R. and Da Boyz (aka: Dubya & Co.) into power have been "turning off" by the thousands each week since Katrina. Donations and campaign workers are slowing and will be increasingly tougher to come by in the next 6 months. And, come Election Day, they'll stay away from the polls by the millions. It IS VERY possible for Crazy Howard, Kommissar Kennedy, "Any-Way-She-Can" Hillary, and old "Miss Insanity" Pill-o-si to take back the House majority. After all, Bush is giving it to them on a silver platter of screw ups; kinda like a boxer deliberately throwing a championship fight. Get the pic?

It's pathetic! What say we don't elect anymore Texicans to the White House, OK? They seem to start out like gang busters and end up quitting while still on the job. Remember LBJ and Vietnam? Get the feeling J.R's going to leave HIS Afghan/Iraq mess for the next guy to clean up? I do! And I voted for him twice! What choice did I have? Gore? Kerry? Be real. Three Hundred Million citizens and, probably, thirty million illegals, AND NO ONE WORTH VOTING FOR. It's over!!! Will the last one to leave for Canada please turn out the lights? I'm going fishing!

Comment Posted By M. Murray On 30.05.2006 @ 15:57


If the only thing we do is "drag" our sorry ass to the poles come Election Day, we're going to lose BIG TIME. Politicians are very flexible. They are capable of conforming and contorting themselves into an infinite variety of shapes and positions. They do this to get elected. Once they do get elected, they conform to the path of least resistance. To place pressure on a politician is to make him/her conform. So often "We The People" forget these facts of life and politicians then tend to become confused and say/do stupid things like voting their "conscience" and telling us how they feel or thinking on their own. When you're operating a remotely piloted model airplane (or politician) it can be very dangerous, indeed, to put the remote down and walk away for more than a minute or two. Don't just "vote" America, keep telling your idiot politicians what you want them to do.

Comment Posted By M. Murray On 22.05.2006 @ 07:49

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