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My roommates and I were going bezerk over the Discovery Channel list...

For what it's worth, I agree - Tom Paine off the list. I'd probably drop Ben Franklin too. Personally, I like Madison ahead of Jefferson...T.J. may have been the theoretician, but Madison was the operational engineer. He did all the heavy lifting while Jefferson was in France then followed it up with the Federalist.

Washington gets a lot of credit and rightly so, but I always think about the decision to preserve the Union by force, even in the face of tremendous and unparalled loss of life - and I rank Lincoln #1.

Not necessarily of the same caliber, but the decision to unleash the world's most powerful weapon and destroy more human life in a single instance to avoid what could have been years of war and bloodshed must have weighed pretty heavily on the mind of a Missouri hat salesman.

For my money, no doubt, the single hardest decision a President ever had to make. It may not have been a lifetime of greatness, but certainly a moment.

Comment Posted By MC On 27.06.2005 @ 20:43

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