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"The folks on the Left like to call the Right Facists and the Right enjoys calling the Left traitors -> The intent on both sides is the same, you are less of an American than me and deserving of injury or death."

Is that really the case? I have never seen anyone on the left arguing that conservatives should be murdered, but that stuff pours forth from the right in many forms.

Rightwingers will often use messages about violence towards liberals. They usually try to pass these off as jokes, but even if most of them are sincere (if morbid), you would be a fool to believe all of them are joking.

Liberals often argue that the conservative government should be thrown out of office. That is not murder. They often say Bush and his Administration should be put on trial, possibly for war crimes. That, too, is not murder, and insofar as fair and public trials are a hallmark of civilization, it's exactly the opposite of murder.

If you'll allow me a bit of stereotyping, try to imagine a group of hippies or musicians turning into a lynch mob. You can't do it. Now try with your local NRA or Minuteman group.

As Moran notes, political partisanship is one thing, but calls for political violence are a far different beast; one that should now and forever be shot down by every patriot.

People on the American Left today are simply not as violent as those on the American Right today, and trying to establish a false equivalence between them is dishonest moral relativism.


Comment Posted By MH On 28.09.2006 @ 20:19

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