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Beck is all yours. You may not like that but, trust me, all my Liberal friends see Beck as a Conservative clown.

That said there sure are a lot of idiots on the right and left these days. Did you see the new Public Policy Poll?
Only 37% of Republicans believe Obama was born in America. WTF?
Of course the Democratic voters don't come off too well either. 25% of Democrats, think that George W. Bush let 9/11 happen to justify war.
And just for fun 10% of voters say they think Obama is the Anti-Christ with 11% unsure and 8% say the same of Bush with an equal 11% unsure.

What is happening to this country?

Comment Posted By ML On 23.09.2009 @ 11:47


I find it interesting that Republicans are loving these town hall meetings but what they don't seem to understand is that Insurance companies, Corporations and Big Pharma don't hold town hall meetings. These entities only understand profits at our expense.
The free market has not produced affordable healthcare up to now. Obama's proposals are trying to change this.
But this kind of change freaks some people out. Namely corporations and insurance companies and a few who think it is communism - which it isn't.
But trying to explain this to people in civil tones seems not to work. And opposing it in civil tones also seems not to work. But using terms like 'death panels' and 'fascism' seems to work. It's not accurate but it sure gets a lot of folks fired up.

Comment Posted By ML On 11.08.2009 @ 11:45


Good analysis. I like that rather than investigate the WHAT you have investigated the WHY. And therein lies the key.
WHY do conspiracy theories abound with Presidents in this day and age?
A lot of it comes from just plain old misinformation. Urban legends and chain letters have increased [I don't know a 500%] in the past 15 years because of the internet and a lot of people fall for the nonsense. However, when the nonsense is about cell phones cooking eggs we can shrug it off and so can the people who believe it. But when dealing with politics there is always a segment of people who will hate a politician so much that they immediately move from skepticism to conspiracy and believe crazy stuff without investigating. And they will not investigate because that is seen as defeat. And no one likes to feel they have to eat crow. So they would rather keep believing the conspiracy or stay on the fence [like some of the Republican politicians] because it serves their interests – political or otherwise.
I don’t see this ever changing. But somehow I think we can ignore these folks and instead discuss real issues with the saner and sounder heads.
I will add [and maybe you will disagree] that the same thing that feeds this are those who claim Bush was a Fascist because of the Patriot Act or that Obama is a Marxist because he is proposing Universal healthcare. These are scare tactics used to freak out the lowest common denominator.

Comment Posted By ML On 3.08.2009 @ 19:20


Please note that there is no Federal standard set for birth certificates. Each state does it a little differently. The one that Hawaii uses for everyone who requests one is the exact form you can see on PolitiFact and FactCheck.
Also the 'loose ends' are simply based on urban legend chain emails that ciculated last year, when Obama was still a candidate, that claimed he was a secret Muslim with a middle name of Mohammed. So they wanted to see his birth cirtificate to see his name.
The problem is on the internet anyone can say anything and unfortunately someone will begin to believe it without investigating.
I am sure you have received chain emails from family or friends that were too good to be true and which you found out later indeed were sheer bunk. Like the one about how a bunch of cell phones placed in a circle can pop popcorn.

The word 'illicit' means illegal. How can someone have an illegal birth? I am not sure why non-experts on birth certificates are getting preference to actual experts on birth certificates. Wait, I do's motivated by politics. Such is life. [sigh].

Comment Posted By ML On 22.07.2009 @ 19:22

Earl T

The short form is an official government document that Hawaii releases and accepts as legit. So do many other states. Have you EVER asked to see a long form for a politician? Has anyone?

Why should Obama attempt to only please the far right loons when everyone else who accepted his ability to actually run for President [including the Bush Administration] were fine with what was legally issued and required by Hawaii? Considering you hate Obama you sure give him a lot of credit for pulling an amazing coverup.

Obama never confused the hospital he was born in. Some lefty bloggers did and it was reported by righty bloggers that Obama confused it. He didn't.
There is no actual evidence I could find that Obama has spend millions in legal fees on this. Where do you get your info?

Also how do you explain the TWO birth announcements in the paper announcing his birth in 1961? They were placed by the Dept of Health. Do you think they conspired 48 years ago on the off chance that this young boy might one day be president?

The only thing I have to ask is WHY do you believe what you believe? Let me answer for you; Because you don't like Obama and you can't accept the fact that he is President. And therefore anything that says he isn't legit gets you excited. Look, many on the Left believed that Bush was not President after 2000 because of what happened in Florida. They were wrong. So are you.

Comment Posted By ML On 22.07.2009 @ 16:21

I am really glad to see a right wing site debunk the birthers. Good for you.
A lot of this lunacy comes from the initial emails that circulated soon after Obama announced his run for the Presidency. Many of these right wingers never investigated beyond those emails. Then other crazy right wingers picked up these urban legends and further expanded on them in the most nonsensical way so as to scare voters into thinking that Obama was maybe a Muslim and maybe not really a citizen and maybe [fill in the blank]. Now, after the election, some of these Republicans do not want to believe that Obama could be President. And so in their mind he isn't.
I think there is a racial element and/or fear of Muslim element to this - but I won't expand on that.
It is truly odd to see it invade some quarters of the Republican party. Unfortunately it will only further alienate them from most other Americans who are smart enough to know that Obama's birth is not an issue and never has been.

Comment Posted By ML On 22.07.2009 @ 13:10

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