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And to Iraq, either double the troops or get out, period!

Comment Posted By Magellan On 13.11.2006 @ 17:59

While we may disagree politically, we can both agree, I think, that the Bears knocked the Giants in the Mouth. Go Bears!

To your point, like ed said, if you only want us to convince you using the same logic you use, than it will never happen.

Domestic Surveillance - No one is saying you can't do it, just follow the law.

Banking program - See above

And I am guessing it probably was hard for you or anyone to hear what the Dems would have done to catch the terrorists (Not Saddam), while being drowned out by charges of being anti-troops and unpatriotic over the last 4 years or so. And while I, as well as all Dems are pro-West, we also understand that we don't live on the planet U.S., and that it would be incredibly arrogant of us to rule the world by our wants and needs.

Comment Posted By Magellan On 13.11.2006 @ 17:56

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