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Until I entered the world of blogs I had not heard of this wonder woman called Cindy Sheehan. Please excuse my Australian sarcasm. I have just been along to Power line where he has blogged on the same subject of Cindy and her "new" friend Malik. Bull, that he is a "new" friend. It is at this other blog that I learned that Mr. Malik is a former Black Panther. Even an Australian such as myself knows about the Black Panther movement, and that they want to overthrow the system of government. Panthers do not change their spots.

I am not surprised by this development with regards to who is sponsoring Cindy Sheehan as well as that idiot by the name of Michael Moore. One can tell from the rhetoric that this woman has involved herself with a movement of traitors. Her son died a hero. He went to Iraq as a volunteer.

She is behaving like a selfish spoiled baby. The same is true of the people who attacked George Bush over the response to Hurrican Katrina. If anyone has to take blame then Nagin should be the one in the firing line.

Comment Posted By Maggie4Life On 17.09.2005 @ 20:16

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