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Oops, sorry, that's gARY?, right, not Larry. Sorry, I was thinking about your ad hominem attacks not your name.

Comment Posted By MakeAScene On 8.07.2009 @ 17:26

Hey Larry, quit judging. Irony again! I love life!

Comment Posted By MakeAScene On 8.07.2009 @ 17:24

Carol, Carol, Carol.

MJ didn't leave and go hide in a remote island because he fed off the fans as much as he disliked them for always wanting more from him. People always wanted more from him and he wanted to give, to please, to reconfirm and confirm again his worth and feed his identity, the only ID he knew that felt good, his music. So he created his own world where he had his own rules and in his world, he didn't have to move away but simply indulge a singular, huge, honking illusion. He could use his millions to protect himself from the law and the lawyers to speak for him while he played with young boys he thought he was in love with. It's all about love, wasn't it? He could toss out anyone that displeased him from his royal inner circle and bring close to him anyone he chose and desired. Sad, sad thing to see what was once a charming, lovely, talented little boy turn into a predator--a subtle one but nevertheless one who preyed. No amount of giving to charities could ever erase or mitigate the deeply embedded pain he carried inside which made him act out in such evil ways.

RIP MJ, peace, finally. Condolences to the family that lost what was once their innocent little boy. Ironically, there will be no more innocents for you to take advantage of.

Comment Posted By MakeAScene On 7.07.2009 @ 12:51

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