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You people that are thinking about throwing a snitty fit and not supporting Republicans are fools of the first class. It would be an umitigated disaster for our country if Democrats got control of Congress in 2006. I can't believe any conservative would even comptemplate walking away from 2006 and giving the election to Democrats.

Yes, you folks are unhappy about some of the Republican failings, but it is unbelievable to me that you would want the Democratic party, as currently exists, to take up the reins of government. They would certainly try to do everyting mentioned in the Drummond article. Our government would cease to function for two years while they played politics of the nastiest sort. Iraq would almost surely become a completely wasted effort. Iran would feel completely free to work undisturbed on their nuclear weapons. We could expect a full assault on every conservative institution by any means possible. The Democrats especially the far left is mad as Hell now, and their agenda would be to rig politics to the best of their ability so that no conservative could ever be elected President again.

Of course if it makes you feel better to pull your little protest stunt of not voting and giving the country to the Democrats because things haven't gone perfectly under Republicans, then go right ahead and make your point. Maybe in another 10 or 12 years conservatives can try again after Democrats have had their turn and wrecked the country.

Comment Posted By Marion Berryman On 17.04.2006 @ 10:39

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