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Here we go again. Stringing facts that may or may not be related to pre-determined conclusions.

a. C02 is rising, mankind emits C02, therefore mankind must be causing the C02 rise.
b. If mankind does it, it must be bad, therefore C02
rising is bad.

Must look for something "bad" and tie it to C02 so that it can be blamed on mankind. So:

c. Algea and plankton growth "might" be slowing in the ocean, the ocean has been absorbing "man's" C02, therefore man is killing the ocean and must mend his evil ways or "GAIA SPANK". Never mind that algea are photosynthetic plants which live on what? C02.

My primary point is that everyone needs to remember a simple statistical statement. Repeat after me:


Now back to your regular programming.

Jesus. If you set up any more strawmen to argue with you could put on a dozen productions of the Wizard of Oz.

I loaded that info on CO2 with as many caveats as I could because I knew some close minded denier like you would come along and totally misconstrue what I was saying. In fact, the "correlation does not prove causation' idea permeates my entire post - it is unfortunate you have a problem with reading comprehension.

That, and your efforts to lump me in with the warmists by ignoring what I wrote about what could be done about reducing emissions intelligently shows that you are not interested in anything except your own narrow, ideological view of the question. Your mind is not open and therefore I lump you with the anti-science ignoramuses like Al Gore who think the "science is settled."

Nice company you're keeping there, pardner.


Comment Posted By mark On 29.11.2009 @ 10:09


I have to agree with manning on this. For a democrat, "bipartisanship" means they get what they want.

The only reason they even care about republican support is as "cover" for their members from conservative districts.

Comment Posted By mark On 11.10.2009 @ 10:45


who cares? They wont have any for 10 year despite what the media tells us
Israel has such a huge stockpile of NUKEs that IRAN-right next door would be stupid NOT to build them-they have the right to defend themselves from attacks by sweet, little innocent, wouldnt harm a fly ISRAEL.
Beside the same liberal media idiots who SWORE TO US that IRAQ had WMDs are the same ones swearing that IRAN has nukes;
Dont believe a word of it-
Just another way to waste billions of our tax dollars borrowed from the FED to supply this war
and another way to waste another 10,000 men for nothing
Ever since Cheney has said publicly, WITHOUT SHAME that "We never said Iraq had WMDs" My thoughts are that he should go to the gallows for the murder of these 10,000 odd soldiers-who were decieved to their deaths on a whim by the snarly one; Ive lost ALL respect for the two clowns who occupied the WH before Oblama-who is as bad if not worse;
So far he has the blood of a few hundred on his hands so the oil and herion can flow from Iraq and Afghanistan-and lets face it-we are their to protect that heroin trade

Comment Posted By Mark On 26.09.2009 @ 17:09


And before someone accuses me of being a "liberal" - I'm an independent.

I'm just apparently the only independent here who actually has the balls to call out the Right as well as the Left.

Comment Posted By Mark On 12.09.2009 @ 13:48

Um, no, Doug King.

The Right just has a monopoly on filling morons with debunked lies, getting corporations to pay $10,000 a POP to gather people together for "protests" that are CORPORATE-SPONSORED by Lyndon LaRouche, Dick Armey, the criminal organization, FreedomWorks, all who receive MILLIONS from the health insurance industry every year. You people are being PLAYED by the health insurance industry so they can continue to make billions off of you - and you don't even realize it. You're not defending "We the People" - you're defending "Them the corrupt Corporations". Good job! They've managed to get you to protest against YOUR OWN INTERESTS. lol

Comment Posted By Mark On 12.09.2009 @ 13:46

Yeah, um - Malkin lied. It's why she didn't provide any link - and it's not on the ABC website. There was never any ABC report or police report "estimate" of crowds even coming CLOSE to a "million", let alone "2 million" - she just directly lied. Are we going to call her out on it, or what?

Comment Posted By Mark On 12.09.2009 @ 13:39


Maybe she really is quitting because she thinks it best for Alaska.

Comment Posted By Mark On 4.07.2009 @ 10:18


Oh! I forgot to reference the issue of female contact. Pricilla was clearly involved as an agent to control damage. The creep had no interest in the sexual latitude. The freak liked little boys, not hot babes. Come on you loser disbelievers, the punk liked little boys. The interview catalogued and categorized the creepy diddler.
I am disturbed by the public reaction. You do not drop 20 million on a case that you can win. He liked to play with little boys. Can U grip reality?.... no i grip toddlers
MJ, Michael (diddler) jackson

Comment Posted By Mark On 30.06.2009 @ 05:01

Poignantly described chronology. The creep, regardless of molestation issues, provided little or no contribution to the world of musical talent. He could dance and squeak. So what? The merit of his musical accomplishment is meagre. POP IS LIKE POPCORN WITHOUT BUTTER OR SALT, (tasteless and tiresome). Good riddance of a diddler.

Comment Posted By Mark On 30.06.2009 @ 04:31



The tax you are paying is hidden in the cost of the goods and services you purchase. It raises the cost of those goods, making them less competitive than goods manufactured elsewhere. It also increases the motivation of corporations to attempt to influence public policy to achieve financial and market advantages.

The courts would most likely strike down a law.

Yes, I would eliminate all citizenship via birth policies. Their was a time for them once, but no longer.

I don't have any good answers for this yet, but I'm still thinking! I don't believe that the great fence will be practical for the entire border. Part of my point was that we shouldn't waste a lot of effort on immigration policy until this is resolved.

The direct budget implications are not significant. The issue is that congressional staff have bloated over the years. There are almost 11,700 personal staff for members of Congress. The average congressman has 14 staff. The average senator has 34 staff. These numbers do not include staff for committees or leadership. The also have non-partisan staff that provides additional support, like the Congressional Budget Office. All of these pepole need to be doing something, so they spend time on issues of low importance, when they should be focusing on the key issues. In the last two days for instance, they have passed a resolution urging all Americans to visit national cemeteries on Memorial Day and congratulating Camp Dudley in New York on it's 125 anniversary. Aren't there some real issues to work on?

Remember, I want government to get smaller. I believe with fewer staff our representatives would be able to keep fewer initiatives moving and would have to focus on the ones of most importance. Fewer laws are better.

Respectfully and sleepily submitted

Comment Posted By Mark On 20.05.2009 @ 02:07

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