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BTW, the Bush administration made a complete bollocks of the PR in this matter. Really Bush league. Sorry about the pun - I like George.

Comment Posted By Mark McGilvray On 23.02.2006 @ 13:35

The NRO online analysis you quote is insightful, but only part of the story. I have posted here
on the issue and Jaguar at has an excellent post on the subject. I suggest you are wrong. I do not impugn your motives. Look more carefully at exactly what the lease involves. It is basically a stevedore contract. World Ports actually stipulated to upgrade security in its operations. Port security itself is the responsibility of the Coast Guard and Customs.

Now, would I give this contract to Libya, or Cuba? ROTFLMAO!!!

Comment Posted By Mark McGilvray On 23.02.2006 @ 13:33

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