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It is exactly this cultural divide that our enemies expect to help them win this war. OBL himself has said as much. He has stated two things in his writings: The Mogadishu retreat convinced them that the west doesn't have the heart for a long term war. Unfortunatly the left seems to be proving him right.
2) that they were very much surprised and caught off guard at the U.S. military response to 911. That indicates to me that the left hasn't been doing their homework.

Comment Posted By Marv Looopstra On 8.07.2005 @ 12:55


oops, At first I thought Mr. Bottoms had confused Newt with Mr. Clinton in his first paragraph bad.

Mr. Durbin is absolutly wrong in his comments about Gitmo and so is Mr. Bottoms. Mr. Dilawar did not die at Gitmo. No one had died at Gitmo. Do some some innocent people die in wartime? yes. Is the U.S.military cruel and barbaric? No. Do bad things happen in war? Yes. Do we give up when things get tough? Well, some of us don't.

The only stains come from cry babies like Mr. Bottoms who are more interested in advancing political opposition to this President's policies, despite the terrible consequenses of opening their big, inaccurate mouths, rather than peosecuting the war. Ever hear of "loose lips sink ships"?. Try putting things in perspective Mr. Bottoms. Maybe it would help rather than hurt the effort. Oh, shoot, I forgot, that's not your agenda....sorry.

There are consequences to every action. Will my Marine son be in greater danger because of Durban's big mouth? Possibly.

I see a different approach: close Gitmo. Close it to any and all access other that the Red Cresent and/or Red Cross and let them do what they need to do without the interference of people like me or Mr. Bottom trying to tell them how to do their jobs.

Comment Posted By Marv Looopstra On 20.06.2005 @ 09:11


Thanks, I have long worried that we will loose this war. The reasons for this loss will be similar to the reasons that we lost Vietnam. Our inability to come together (or stay together) for various (intentionally caused)reasons as a unified country, our lack of backbone to do what it takes to see this through, and the failing of the government to involve the citizens in this fight.
It started when the pictures of 911 were forced off the air for exactly the same reasons that they should be on the air...their gruesomeness. It continues to the Koran flap of today.
And it accelerates yet today. Our eye is no longer on the ball.

Comment Posted By Marv Looopstra On 6.06.2005 @ 11:20

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