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Joey - You misunderstood my comment, probably my fault, but I was not suggesting that it was ok to lie to sell the war. My husband (active duty military) and I constantly decry attempts to lie and cover up situations. Tell the truth and take your licks. I guess I should have said, how should/could the administration done a better of selling the war.

Comment Posted By Mary C. On 25.04.2007 @ 17:30

I agree with everything you say in your post but everyone knows the Lynch and Tillman names. How many know the names of the two medal of honor winners in this war? How does the Pentagon counter the heavy left-leaning tilt of the MSM and get the stories of real heroes out there? How do they get the message out that this war is far from lost, by any rational measure?

Comment Posted By Mary C. On 25.04.2007 @ 11:26

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