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I was almost shouting at the teevee last night. It was an unbelievably easy decision that shouldn't have taken a committee to make. If you have the opportunity to prevent the murder of 800-900 people, you do it. The calculus is probably different if you're certain millions more will die if you don't allow the 800-900 to be killed, but of course nobody did, they were just playing the odds.

While I think this applies to Churchill's (supposed) decision, too, I find it more defensible. Warn Coventry and the Germans change their code and you're out of business. Stop the "field test" at the mall and you can still find the other 19 canisters before they're used, particularly but not exclusively if you can take at least one of the terrorsits alive.

Yes, this is shaping up to be a great season, but we either need more Chloe, who's receded into the background again after the first few episodes, or for Elisha Cuthbert to hurry up and get back.

Comment Posted By Matt Barr On 14.02.2006 @ 12:50

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