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In response to Jason M.'s post:

I would argue that our Second Amendment rights have already been compromised in the same sense that the NSA's actions compromise our Fourth Amendment rights.

The assault rifle ban of the Clinton administration restricted the ownership of guns with high capacity magazines on the basis that these were weapons used solely for malicious purposes. "You wouldn't use an Uzi to hunt deer..." was the argument used by the gun grabbers on the Left. So, this ban restricted the rights of all gun owners in order to prevent bad behavior by a few--those who would aim their legally purchased machine guns, Uzis and the like at unsuspecting citizenry.

In the same sense, one could propose, the NSA is restricting the Fourth amendment rights of a few-- those with ties to terrorist groups--in order to prevent bad behavior (bombings, biological warfare) which would pose a threat to the citizenry as a whole.

Comment Posted By Melanie B. On 24.12.2005 @ 09:05

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