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Well the treaty aka EU constitution bites the dust yet another time today.

Since the numbers CNN is touting from their international polls are even more lop sided for Obama than Kerry had hopefully it will be a wake up call for many to see just how far left Obama really is.

Then again that takes an informed electorate.

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HD is such an old standard from ages ago that finally is seeing the light of day, but a lot of the issue is what you can get away calling HD which is anything that is not SD or standard definition.

Several add on video panels stitched around a standard screen right left and bottom and then melded together.

The standard came out way before digital was even a gleam.

Much of the HD stuff out there is also crippled with no HDMI or equal interface to enable full encryption end to end verification and when they finally demand that a bunch of people are not going to be happy when their HD stuff just plays SD only since it can't do the security handshakes.

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Sounds like you have written that briefing for the guys upstairs for the morning briefing book with just the right tone.

Now lets do a little speculation and projection here..or analysis of the intel.

Lets say Hilliary who was born in the Chicago area has lots of hold friends who did their homework for her on Obama.

Lets suggest she is behind this whole story going public.

Where does that get us?

Obama gets stuck in a hard to work defensive position, he is painted right into the corner of a candidate of the blacks just like Bill tarred in with in South Carolina, and that is right after Obama won another state primary in Mississippi with heavy black support for his campaign.

Obama comes off looking like either a liar trying to make people believe that he never heard such things from his preacher of over 20 years or otherwise he did hear them and had the terrible judgment to stay at that church.

Thus his judgment skills get brought into question and his qualification for the Presidency.

This issue is trying to be damage controlled by Obama , but it may have to many legs. Add that to Rezko issues and Obama is fighting a lot of fires all at once.

If it sticks, this makes the delegates from Mi and Fl moot and Hill wins by default.

Now there are just to many stars in alignment there and it would take a lot of explanation to determine how this theory could be fully discounted.

Dirty tricks and politics are old friends, and we may be seeing a very vicious one unfolding in front of our very eyes.

Comment Posted By MerlinOS2 On 15.03.2008 @ 00:35

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