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Depends on which leftists you're talking about. I try to make a distinction between moderate Republicans, libertarian Republicans, rightists and far-rightists, as well as neo- and paleo-conservatives. Too many folks in all but the first of those categories assume we on the left are all cut from the same cloth.

Comment Posted By Meteor Blades On 13.02.2006 @ 16:30

I'm all for busting Saudi chops. And Gore could have been tougher, without a doubt.

Of course, he couldn't invite members of the royal family to his ranch to talk about the wonderful friendship between the House of Saud and the United States the way President Bush did just eight months after the hijackers crashed into New York and DC.

Nor could Gore push for military and other aid for the Saudi leadership as George Bush did as late as 18 months ago. Thanks to a few Republicans who crossed the aisle to held Congress shoot down this aid in the foreign assistance package.

Comment Posted By Meteor Blades On 13.02.2006 @ 13:42


Thanks, S. You've answered my question perfectly. Translation: Outing covert counter-proliferatin agents for political purposes is nowhere near as bad as outing presidential outlawry that undermines the very civil liberties that the terrorists supposedly hate us for.


Comment Posted By Meteor Blades On 13.02.2006 @ 13:29

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. Ann Coulter, who regularly calls for the deaths of people - including public officials that would get the rest of us a visit from the FBI - is compared with Ted Kennedy. This is what the right calls balance?

And S, what exactly has been your stance concerning the outing of Valerie Plame? Did that harm national security?

Comment Posted By Meteor Blades On 12.02.2006 @ 22:14

And the reason these and other vital debates are taking place between conservatives is because liberals refuse to engage at any level on any serious issues. It’s hate Bush all day, all the time, and may the devil take the rest.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And this in a post that goes on and on about superficiality? Geez.

Comment Posted By Meteor Blades On 12.02.2006 @ 21:05

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