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Will RWNH continue?

Comment Posted By Michael Berry On 2.04.2008 @ 18:36


Rick, perhaps you'll feel differently after a bomb wipes out a major American city- intelligence that could have been obtained through "torture" (whatever that is).

You say that "When a document is written in order to justify what otherwise would be illegal acts during peacetime"... sorry, but I don't believe we are experiencing peace. I believe in the war on terror, not because Pres. Bush calls it that, but because I know first-hand what they want to do- I have been in the intel biz my entire life. Peacetime rule do not apply here, and respectfully believe that you are naive to think that we are.

I have read your work for a long time, so I know how smart and rational your thoughts are- but everybody has a bad day, and today is yours. Consider the following: "Inflicting pain is not something you can put on a scale...". Since there is no scale, there is a logical argument that says that simply imprisoning them could be considered torture. Not serving them prime rib every night could be torture. There is no scale!

I (like everybody) do not consider myself a bad person. I like most people, and love all animals (except snakes), give money to charities that aren't corrupt. But when it come to hurting terrorists for any reason (but especially to get intel that will protect my family and country), I am unable to find any sympathy, empathy, or regret. If you think that this makes me shameful, I can live with that.

But I respect your opinion. You're simply wrong this time.

Comment Posted By Michael Berry On 2.04.2008 @ 19:03


There will be no good solution. The truth is that both sides (Republican and Democrat) have used this war for political gain- the Republicans to garner the "patriotic" vote, Democrats to beat the administration over the head with it. It is well documented that many (maybe just some) democrats actually cheer American casualties, and many Republicans unfairly question the patriotism of dissenters. Furthermore, Democrats will cheer the massacre that will occur when coalition forces withdraw and the Maliki goverment collapses- they'll get to blame that on this administration too! If only I could believe that this war has made my country safer, or that there is hope of such, I would know where to stand. But I don't believe that yet, so I stand with you, reevaluating my position. Thank God I don't actually know somebody that has been killed over there, or I think the decision would be significantly easier.

Comment Posted By Michael Berry On 31.03.2008 @ 10:57


Rick, you inspired me...

Illegals taking over,
And Spitzer has a lover,
And Chertoff simply looks the other way;
Your taxes pay for this,
don't whine, just make a wish,
and make sure Rev. Wright can have his say;

Comment Posted By Michael Berry On 27.03.2008 @ 15:25


Good article, Rick. Even if China believes that Tibet is attempting a secession, it does not justify violence against unarmed "citizens". I hope that our goverment excercises more restraint when New Mexico and Arizona secede in about 10 years from the Reconquista movement(said only partially tongue-in-cheek).

Comment Posted By Michael Berry On 24.03.2008 @ 10:10


Actually, Rick, it's a backhanded compliment- that's the best defense of Obama/Wright's relationship that he can conjure, so he throws darts at thoughtful conservative critics who have weighed in. Easy for me to say, I suppose. Don't let the f*cker get you down- we all admire your commitment and love to your family, even though he (Terry) is somewhat misguided.

Comment Posted By Michael Berry On 20.03.2008 @ 15:47


Rick responded: "I agree. And Obama has proved what he believes the last 10 years he has been in politics. If he harbors these feelings, he has never shown them. Why not give him the benefit of the doubt based on a 10 year record?"

Sorry Rick, I still don't accept a 10 year history of being a smart, savvy politician as proof that he disagrees with Wright. Obama is many things, but stupid he is not. One public utterance of agreement with Wright ends his career as a politician. Proof is quitting a church upon hearing Wright's effluvium... proof is publicly denouncing those statements BEFORE the media forces you to do so...

Help me understand how you, Rick, could be a member of a church, lead by a white supremist, that weekly preaches that the black man is the source of all crime and evil in America, and we should deport all of them back to Liberia. Do you honestly believe that you would stay a member of this church for another hour after you heard that? Would you have him marry you? Baptize your children? Is it possible that you could affiliate with such a man and not agree with him? If so, you are the most complex man I have ever known.

Comment Posted By Michael Berry On 17.03.2008 @ 12:29

I completely repudiate your assertion that we can "give Obama the benefit of the doubt and say with some certainty that he does not agree with his spiritual advisor’s view of white America". As a rule, people join clubs, societies and churches to assemble with others that share their own beliefs and ideas. Usually, the prime member that you bond with is the leader of that group. I believe that Obama is not entitled to any benefit of doubt, but is instead obligated to prove that he is the exception, not the rule.

I agree. And Obama has proved what he believes the last 10 years he has been in politics. If he harbors these feelings, he has never shown them. Why not give him the benefit of the doubt based on a 10 year record?


Comment Posted By Michael Berry On 17.03.2008 @ 12:10


Great job last night on O'Reilly. Wear a tie from now on- sadly, things like that add credibility. Hope to see more of you on the political TV circuit.

Comment Posted By Michael Berry On 7.08.2007 @ 11:38

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