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I find it interesting that until the 2006 election, the Republicans were in control of Congress, thus the democratic opposition had little effect. The Dems didn't give Bush every soldier and Marine he asked for - other Republicans did. All the Dems demonstrated when they came to power, was the lack of moral courage necessary to change policies they had been criticizing for three years. I guess wasting the lives of American soldiers for a second time was considered politically, a non starter.

In any case, what is it about socialists that makes them believe that if we try it just one more time, this time it will work - despite damn near a hundred years worth of evidence to the contrary?

And they make fun of evangelicals, as true believers in an "outmoded" religion?

Comment Posted By Michael D. Giles On 10.03.2009 @ 04:03

So the failure of Obama's policy prescriptions is a bad thing? At what point did you decide that Obama was the United States? His policy failure is not everyone's failure, it just means that we try some other policy. Also, at what point are some people going to realize that the media and democrats whining about how "divisive" some statements are doesn't make them so. They have ulterior motives - and if you don't recognize that you're simply wasting bandwidth.

BTW, is it good in general for the United States to have everyone line up in lock step behind ANY politician; with all voices of dissent stifled and opposition commentary labeled as "treasonous". Do we all have to subscribe to the cult of Obama? And, hasn't anyone noticed that the very same people who were lecturing every one on how patriotic dissent was when it meant getting our soldiers killed, are now telling the other side to shut up on the issues.

Comment Posted By Michael D. Giles On 8.03.2009 @ 13:08


What is the basis of the assumption on R.F. Kenedy's part that the minority voters are "intimidated" or otherwise "prevented" from voting? It is forty plus years after the Civil Rights Era; why should the sight of a poll watcher bring back any sort of "memories" to anyone under retirement age? Or the sight of a policeman worry anyone who doesn't have outstanding warrants? The idea that (at least) blacks don't vote because of a nameless dread of the "bad old days" is assinine - and insulting.

Comment Posted By Michael D. Giles On 15.11.2007 @ 11:27


What I find most interesting about the Bond's controversy is that the "proof" of his being a "cheater" relies - dispite his never failing any drug test - on the scribblings of a couple of reporters and large heapings of guilt by association. The sports media treats his "guilt" as a "given" mainly due to their long standing dislike of Bonds - which he has always actively reciprocated - and the fact that were they to question the credibility and or accuracy of the reporters, they would also bring into question their own. I'm always suspicious when one set of media types, treats the statements of another set, as gospel truth.

Comment Posted By Michael D. Giles On 16.06.2007 @ 10:26

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