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Of course Obama would side with Zelaya ... he's a fellow traveler. Nothing to see here, Obama has already shown what he thinks about Chavez, Ortega, and the like. Democrats in general are in love with Che and the CBC, following their recent visit to Cuba, are ready to forgive the Castro brothers for all their past transgressions. Read the HuffPo piece ... what a hack job. The only surprising thing was the vast majority of comments blasting Lovato for his utter lack of understanding of the situation. Then again, it was more than likely intentional incompetence.

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 30.06.2009 @ 11:20


The more this plays out, the more I feel there is one of two things going on ...

1) The mullahs are truly as crazy and out-of-touch as some portray them. That said, do they now throw the dice one more time and risk rolling snake-eyes. Yes, the odds are heavily in their favor of retaining their control through a massive crack-down on the protestors, but history has a nasty way of repeating itself. They came to power through revolution and could easily lose power by the same means.

2) This whole thing is an elaborate version of Pesian Kabuki theater. I tend to lean a little more this way because it all just feels so completly staged to me. The crazed incumbent steals a fraudulent election with the willing assistance and complicity of the men behind the curtains. The popular underdog opponent rallies the masses forcing a confrontation with the powers that be taking the entire country to the very brink of disaster. Mass destruction is threatened and averted at the last moment as a compromise is reached. End result - the people are placated, life returns to normal (normal being a very relative term in this case), and in all reality nothing has changed because the pretender who has just seized the throne is just another 'approved' version of the occupant he replaced.

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 20.06.2009 @ 06:57


To quote Obama himself ... 'You ain't seen nothing yet'.

Which I was I wouldn't be surprised that this is just the very beginning of such machinations. Check out:

Obama is set to replace the ONLY Native American US Attorney General with a partisan, party, political hack. Maybe his prospective appointee is highly qualified, but if this were Bush (or any other Republican) the entire Left would already be screaming racism and cronyism. The AGs are appointed at the President's discretion and it certainly is his prerogative to replace 1, 8 or all 93 if he so wants. Let's see what reaction we get from the Left as this progresses ... will it be the Clinton-era, hey he fired all 93, but that's OK he's allowed to do that; or will it be the Bush-era, rant and rave, scream bloody murder, threaten lawsuits and impeachment, oh-my-f'ing god he replaced 8 AGs, he can't do that I'm a constitutional professor and that's unconstitutional.

As far as the IGs go, I find it oh so ironic and hypocritical that it was then Senator Obama himself he crafted the current rules regarding the replacement of IGs to (supposedly) keep the process apolitical. If there is cause, then yes, let's have an investigation, follow the 30-day process and do this right. Sorry, but a late-night threatening phone call telling an IG you have 1 hour to quit your job or else is nothing but Chicago thuggery as noted by Rick. Coming out days later when you've been caught with your hand in the cookie jar with some lame ass he's senile story is nothing but a sorry attempt at CYA.

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 18.06.2009 @ 14:03



Outstanding ... 'Old, angry, white men won't win elections'. I only hope you are right. That means we get to get rid of Murtha, Kennedy, Shumer, Kerry, Baucus, Dodd, Frank, etc when they come up for re-election. As the saying goes ... Please engage brain, before opening mouth. Have a great day :).

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 18.06.2009 @ 15:00

Great post Rick ... much to ponder, but I don't think you gave enough credit to Mr. Simpson's post. I agree it started on a 'woe is me' note, but felt it finished much stronger. Just my opinion of course, but I would definitely recommend all to read the entire piece.

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 17.06.2009 @ 14:44


"We own you, get over it."

LMFAOROFL ... What a typical Leftist's idea of an 'open-minded discussion'. From Obama all the way down to lick-spittle little Joe ... 'We won, now STFU'. Not even worth my time to explain the complete and utter hypocrisy of that mentality. Have a nice day :)

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 17.06.2009 @ 11:24

@ Michael R.

How bout you post the rest of the article from USA Today there or at least give it as your source? Notice you convienently left out the part where they mention that THIRTY-EIGHT talk shows were invited to include moderate and liberal hosts. The event was not limited to just one outlet with any opposing views being specifically and intentionally forbidden. Yeah that's some real transparency and bi-partisanship in action there. More imporantly, check out the leftie blogs about the event and they were all screaming bloody murder. But of course that was the evil Boooosh, so of course it was wrong and bad for him to do this type of thing. Now of course, the all-knowing and benevolent Doh'bambi is in charge so it's all good and ok. I would suggest you pull your head out and replace it with your usual hypocrisy, but I know that will never happen.

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 16.06.2009 @ 22:04

I understand why NBC/MSNBC/CNBC has whored itself out regarding anything having to do with 'Climate Change'. After all, their parent company (GE) is surgically attached at the hip to the Obama administration and stands to make billions if not trillions on anything and everything 'green' ... cap and tax, smart (we'll tell how much energy you are allowed to use) grid, solar and tilting at windwills. Just not sure what the connection between ABC and health care is. Maybe, the plan is to nominate Goofy as the new Surgeon General and turn our entire health care system into the usual Mickey Mouse operation that is so prevalent in our government.

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 16.06.2009 @ 17:29


Just a couple points to toss out there ...

1) Obama: "And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality". Funny thing though, Al-Azhar University which Obama stated was a co-host of his speech and which he describes as "a beacon of Islamic learning" is a completely racist and discriminatory institution. If you are a Christian Copt in Egypt your tax dollars will be used to fund Al-Azhar, but don't both applying for admission because it is for Muslims only. Yep, gotta love that tolerance and equality.

2) Obama: "The Holy Koran teaches that whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind". What Obama conveniently leaves out is the remainder of that verse from the Koran which apparently mandates the killing of all those who fight against Allah and Muhammed. So again, this only applies to Muslims (the only true 'innocents'), otherwise for all us dhimmis all bets are off.

Of course then too there was his mention of the '7 million' Muslims in the US which apparently grossly overstates reality. 7 million is the number that everyone likes to throw around, but it is a number that can't be substantiated. Reality is probably more on the level of 3 million (

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 4.06.2009 @ 14:55


Wow ... responses from both the resident leftard moonbats, I feel so honored.

Sorry Chuck, but part-time 'Senior Lecturer' at U of C does not the Professor of Constitutional Law make. In all honesty, until Obama shows some of his vaunted and self-ascribed 'openess and transparency' there is absolutely nothing I believe about his so-called academic achievements. Sorry, but by his own admission in his auto-biographies he was drifting into drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd and underachieving at Occidental College. He then drops out, magically transforms himself and somehow gets admitted to Columbia University despite himself. The MSM wet themselves over the falsified Bush National Guard documents, but continue to give Obama a complete pass regarding the complete and utter dearth of any documentation to substantiate his so-called academic prowess. No transcripts, no thesis, no nothing to include absolute ZERO published papers, positions or opinions during his tenure as the President of the Harvard Law Review or during his time at the Univ. of Chicago. So ya, in my book, none of that counts for squat. I got a sheepskin hanging on my wall too, but I also know while it may represent something academic in nature it doesn't necessarily mean a damn thing in real practice.

And Michael, I used to almost agree with you at times, but that time has come and gone. You lost what little credibility you might have ever had when you started using situations in California to try and justify the 'Hope and Change' we're getting from the Obama Administration. The cluster fuck that is now know as California is exactly what we are heading for on a national scale, only ten times worse, if we continue down our current political path. Texas may still have the legal right to secede from the Union, but I would much rather the rest of the nation have the right to secede from California.

Comment Posted By Michael S. On 1.06.2009 @ 22:00

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