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Dear Dave Carl:

“Salvation is a process of a lifetime and hopefully by the end of your life you’re in a state where you’re open to grace and mercy.”

You are right, Salvation is not done in an instant---even Paul had to wait some years after the Road to Damascus before he could preach. It is worked out in fear and trembling day to day.

My brother and his wife are Protestants, and very conservative ones. I do not discuss theology with them, not because we will argue but because none of us are theologians. Christ will work out the details after our deaths.

Comment Posted By Mike Austin On 22.04.2008 @ 17:22

Dear Rick:

I left the Church at 10 and returned at 33. Since then it has been Mass every Sunday and Confession every Saturday. I do not eat meat on Fridays, but like you detest fish sticks.

It was never a question of which faith to return to once I realized that Christianity was true. There was only one option, and that was Catholicism. A well-known intellectual type whose name has escaped me left the Catholic Church some decades ago. A well-meaning Protestant lady approached him and said, “Well, now you can consider joining our church!” He replied, “Madam, I have lost my faith, not my reason.”

Just so.

Maher will be able to do his comedy shtick for the Carpenter a moment after his own death. I imagine that his performance will be a brief one.

The gates of Hell shall not prevail against Catholicism. How much less a trivial creature like Maher.

Comment Posted By Mike Austin On 22.04.2008 @ 04:49


Dear Rick:

You need a break, so enjoy one. I understand, as I have been there too.

It is becoming about impossible to write about race in this nation. Obama, Sharpton and their types keep picking at the racial scab. They make a good living at the ensuing rabble-rousing and race baiting. I for one tired long ago about being charged with racism by black ‘leaders.’

Here is a tip for any political candidate: If you want my vote, don’t insult me.

Comment Posted By Mike Austin On 25.03.2008 @ 03:35

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