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I don't know about you, but this growing trend of stating that "by killing these islamist terrorist bastards, the only thing we're doing is creating martyrs for their cause" is making me sick and tired.
That is the biggest BS ever that is coming from the left fields. Who cares about creating martyrs. Should we just observe these bastards killing us, over there in the Middle East, or over here in the World Trade Center, and do nothing for fear of turning them into martyrs? Well, I'd rather be creating martyrs. IMHO, the more martyrs the better.
That's the same rationale used during Moussaoui's sentencing phase here in Alexandria. Now we have to feed the bastard, take care of his health, clean up after him and have people working exclusively in making all that happen, for as long as he lives. What a waste.

Comment Posted By Mile66 On 8.06.2006 @ 14:31

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