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are you serious? at the end of the day Imus was fired because of his low ratings and all the nervous advertisers who pulled off the show. the comment gave les moonves the predicate he needed to fire a guy who was a star (for whatever reason) but over the last 5-10 years had seen his star fade (what's that neil young song?) Stern - love him or hate him - used the market to solve his problem - he went to private pay service where he can say anything he wants. btw please point out when he has derided gays or minorities. that is the greatness of the western world - we are free to choose junk or classics.

Rosie o'donnell spews the most egregious conspiracy fantasies on the View. she stays because she gets ratings - not because her 1st amendment rights are any better or worse off than Imus. the right to free speech is the right to turn on or turn off or pay for content that i desire.

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three important words: "Rules of Engagement"

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at the end of the day why does any of this matter (he says cynically) do i think AP possibly made up sources - sure. do i think "Jamil" exist - sure. I think the crux of the problem is that we are at a stage where anything is possible. subjectivity masquerading as "objective professional journalism" is enhanced by the ability to photoshop picture evidence and collude with the PR of terrorists or freedom fighters - you take your pick.

i have enjoyed watching blogs like powerline, lgf and many others expose laziness and political agendas of those in the traditional media. my sense is that the problem is borne out of laziness combined with the demands of a gotta have it now news cycle. this provides plenty of opportunity for the press to be manipulated. and as long as it fits into the action line then all the better.

all of this investigation is great but at the end of the day we have a much bigger problem on our hands: the notion among the msm community that they are their to solve a problem, represent the people, - not to report the news.

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excuse me but i must have been asleep. i swear i don't remember a privy council being a legitimate organ of this republic. just like i don't remember when Nancy Pelosi became prime minister in by way of the san mateo by-elections.

putting aside the inanities of the ISG for a moment (pretty hard i know - they are running a photo finish with the warren commission for most obvious), it seems to be symptomatic of the failure of the legislative branch govern when hard and potentially hard choices must be made. Our elected officials hide behind "blue ribbon" panels of those that feed from the government trough. The military base closing committee, 9/11 commission, and now the ISG - where is congress? C'mon new majority - the people spoke - now march into the house this january and cut funding for the war. Force the president to put together a timetable. Govern for God's sakes and be responsible for the consequences of your actions for once.

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I am an ex-smoker. I could care less whether anybody smokes in their house, car, boat, sidewalk, etc. If it is so damn dangerous then make it illegal. Do you think eventually they would de-criminalize it like weed? we know the reason why not - the big teat of cigarrette tax. You are absolutely right about the motivations - its all about control. frankly i think it is the the "I didn't get picked for the dodgeball team" syndrome. you see the manifestations of this disorder in boards of ed, small town councils, and condo committee chairpersons.

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