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Joseph didnt jews killed jesus, if so what religion are you following supporting jews and reading bible verses to support them?
Not saying that jews are bad but certainly there extremist jews, extermist christians and extremist muslism. But these extremist are the ones who drag everyone else into their pathetic wars based on faith.

Comment Posted By Moses On 6.12.2008 @ 03:24

I believe attacking iran is illegal and can be considered a terrorist attack. No country has the right to attack another country.
The point that right wing nuts fail to compute in their narrow minds is that iran, would never bomb israel with nukes even if it has stock piles of them because israel has them too. DETERENCE is the key word.
Why would iran attack israel with a single crude nuke when they know they will be hit back with a hundred nukes.
It is as clear as daylight that iran and for that matter no country will hit another nuclear country.
Soviet Union hated usa and had thousand of nukes and was probably more powerful militarily than the usa but they never attacked usa. They had the potential of wiping usa off the map and certinly had the will and motive but they never did.
So it totally doesnt make sense that iran after getting just one nuke of low yield would attack israel and risk nuclear retaliation.
Any arguement saying "why even give iran a chance" is pure hate and war mongering.

Comment Posted By Moses On 5.12.2008 @ 02:20

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