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Hey Duh! I plainly stated it was a rumor! As for "will the liberals every (sic)give up on personel (sic) persecution" , Republicans have been honing this skill, and honing this skill since at least Lee Atwater, Donald Segreti . . . I know, no one is supposed to return in kind. Will Ann have a deathbed confession similar to Atwater's, that he knew he was pandering to the worst qualities in America? You people invented this stuff, so you can take some as well. How can you people sleep?

Comment Posted By Muffy On 9.06.2006 @ 00:18

Get your Ann Coulter book for $4.99 each; buy them by the case! Give them to your friends! Place boxes by the church doors Sunday!
Now we know how it looks like it's #1 at Amazon!!

Comment Posted By Muffy On 9.06.2006 @ 00:05

"you shouldnt pretend mainstream conservativism has rejected her, because they havent." Well, let's go to the rumor just in: Sean Hannity - married - is boinking Ann Coulter - true Christian girl. True? If so, this is what hypocrisy looks like. Mrs. Hannity will get to "stand by her man."

Comment Posted By Muffy On 8.06.2006 @ 23:53

Just as a point of clarification; I know it's important for you to have well-substantiated views - as on many radio shows, The Randi Rhodes Show has segments which are created and produced by staff. Those segments are their responsibility and are not previewed. After Randi Rhodes heard the segment that pretended to shoot President Bush, she apologized, several times, for the inappropriateness of the piece. I'm sure those who produced it got an ear-full. It would be more fruitful for critics of The Randi Rhodes Show to attack the accuracy of her information.

Comment Posted By Muffy On 8.06.2006 @ 10:24

Anyone who can make excuses for fascism, embraces Joe McCarthy, and intentionally attacks people who have lost their spouses in a most horrible attack is plainly unhealthy. Discourse is great, but this is not discourse. May she have the good sense to have a deathbed confession that she knew she played to the worst of America, a la master manipulator/spin meister Lee Atwater. Then there were the skills of Segretti ,et al. Back in the day when Republicans realized they were outnumbered in the general voting population, bad behavior was utilized to dispirit the "other side" so as to not go out and vote. Same thing today; but it's shocking to see how bad behavior is accepted as a tactic and rationalized. What it is, is bad boorish behavior.

Comment Posted By Muffy On 8.06.2006 @ 00:50

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