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What a joke!

All I want to know is, howcome these tapes and documents are coming out NOW that Bush has a dismal approval rate?

Where's Bin Laden? (I remember Bush saying he doesn't spend much time on him anymore, but I digress)

Why did we let two Russian choppers airlift Bin Laden out of Tora Bora when we had him cornered?

Why did most of those special forces soldiers that were involved in the battle of Tora Bora and were not given a GO command from their superior when they did have Bin Laden in front of their eyes, went back home and either committed suicide or killed their spouses and then killed themselves mysteriously?

Why does this President make 9/11 look like it was something good that happened for him and he uses it even to get permission to go to the bathroom from Laura?

Why are others blamed for what happened to our country on 9/11, instead of blaming the people in office? I bet if Clinton was the president on 9/11, everyone would be asking for his head.

Did Saddam try to open up and OIL BOURSE (trade oil in Iraqi stock market and in Euros, instead of it being traded in NYSE AND IN DOLLARS!!!)????

Is Iran going to open up ITS OIL BOURSE (same as Saddam, do you see the same situation repeating here) by the end of March and we're concerned with their WMD that they won't be able to make for another 5-10 years?

These are the questions you should ask you blind sheep. I can never figure out how and when did the greatest and the smartest people in the world (PEOPLE OF THE USA) BECOME SO DUMB AND BLIND!!!

Now, go back to fantasy land again and talk about wether Saddam had WMD and shipped it out to Syria or not!!!

Comment Posted By MyLeftNut On 13.03.2006 @ 21:26

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