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Just a few thoughts from an open-minded lurker.
Regarding the word "conserve" - as I came to understand back in the late 70's and early 80's, the word means "wise use" NOT "no use". I think we have not wisely used resources available to us and we have fouled the environment and economies by doing so.

To steal a bumper sticker line - your conservative dogma has stomped on your karma. You just can't possibly conceive that perhaps some aspects of your ideology has contributed big-time to current problems. Bush can shoot but he can't aim. Osama lives...and some of us believe that was a serious mistake. We are pouring $300 million/day down on rat-hole in the sand. Worship of the "less regulation is better for all" has led to the credit crisis. Rese ipse loquitor - the thing speaks for itself. At least 91% of the people are willing to look and act based on that perception.

While I'm at it - we are tired of conservatives trying to ram your concepts of morality down our throats. Stay out of my bedroom...stay out of my relationship with my doctor...stay out of my hospital room. Life's a bitch MYOB.

Comment Posted By MyT_Quin On 8.10.2008 @ 15:30


So...the financial house of cards has needed attention for many years and we did nothing. Now we are dealing with the aftermath...holding the stinking bag of crap. Now let's think just a there anything else that demands attention and we are incompetently dealing with because of party dogma, entrenched financial interests, lack of true leadership? Hmmm..could it be extreme dependence on foreign oil to power our transportation...a cornerstone of our economy? Could we not agree that we must have an actionable strategy to reduce our! Are we so stupid as to believe that Drill!Drill!Drill! is a "strategy" (nod to Senator McCain). Why is there a false divide on this issue? It is not a Democratic or Republican issue...but somebody's ox is going to get gored as we work through it (like corn farmers, oil companies, states with wide open spaces to store spent nuclear fuel)...let's get the hell on with it.

Comment Posted By MyT_Quin On 29.09.2008 @ 11:52

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