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Nobody wants to hang out with a worthless stoner...

But what about the not so worthless stoners like Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman? (OK, bad examples, they would be boring to hang out with because they are deceased.) The point is not all pot users are dead ringers for Spicoli and there is a difference between use and abuse.

Oh, and does the phrase "Just say NO!" ring a bell? Methinks the Drug War might have predated Slick Willie by ten years or so. Ronnie Raygun gets full credit for this ridiculous charade, of course Slick Willie is guilty of not stopping it, as are the Bushes (senior and junior).

While on the topic of the obvious: Criminalizing drug use does tend to increase the correspondance between criminality and drug use. I remain unsurprised by this.


Naked Ape

Comment Posted By Naked Ape On 11.08.2005 @ 16:02

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