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It is not socialism to raise tax rates a few percentage points, HOWEVER, if you actually mouth the words that you "want to spread the wealth around" that is a GIANT red flag to those who have some knowledge of political/economic ideologies.

"Spreading the wealth around" smacks of socialist philosophy. Basically, the belief that the "experts" in government know best and they will decide if you make too much money or have too many things and re-allocate it to their preferred constituents, i.e., the particular class of dependents which they claim to represent. In B. Hussein's case, inner city blacks, radical professors, academics, radical muslims and assorted fellow travelers.

Generally speaking, it's better to reduce taxes DRASTICALLY in a time of economic recession in order to stimulate economic activity and thus job growth, capital growth, etc.

Comment Posted By Nes On 26.10.2008 @ 15:26

No politician is perfect, there isn't one that I agree with 100% or even 90% of the time.

Palin is interesting. She is energetic, practical, from humble beginnings and seems, repeat, seems to have good, common sense that leans to the conservative side. She is hardly "very conservative", regardless of how the MSM portrays her. Hell, the MSM calls GW Bush "ultra conservative", when he is only moderately conservative if at all.

Palin is being ripped apart by the MSM because they want her damaged for 2012. She is perhaps being treated the most unfairly of any major American politician in recent years (decades really).

But she'll survive it. Unlike most reporters, broadcasters, "journalists", pundits and web bloggers, she is a true FRONTIER WOMAN and that strikes fear in feminized men - of which many, many American men are these days. She can shoot, hunt, fish, drive a boat, fly an airplane and still look hot! LoL!

She makes many liberal (and "soft" RINO men) squirm a bit and wonder about their own masculinity.

Go Sarah Go!!

Comment Posted By Nes On 25.10.2008 @ 18:14

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