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[...] I’ve found myself doing a lot of reading about this whole net neutrality thing. An article in Forbes, which was basically pro-neutrality, and also pointed out the “hands off the internet” quality of the brochure’s language, characterized Net Neutrality supporters as “A noisy coalition of mainly Democratic groups and Internet companies” which just plain isn’t true, since most of the Banking Industry is in support of Neutrality, as are most independent business people not to mention organizations on both the left and the right as anyone reading the list of Save the Internet supporters will readily see. I find myself reading articles from blogs that are definitely to the right of center as often as I am those left of center or middle of the road, blogs like The Doug Ross Journal and Right Wing Nuthouse, to name just a couple. Though it’s true that in the House and Senate this issue has split, for the most part, down party lines, this is very far from the truth when you look at who’s supporting Network Neutrality outside of Congress. I expect better from Forbes Magazine. [...]

Comment Posted By Net Neutrality already breached by ComCast On 6.08.2006 @ 16:00

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