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I would suggest _the_ critical error in the aftermath was the decision not to stop looters in the days immediately after the storm.

If law and order had been made the 1st priorty, then the city of New Orleans and other areas would have remained safe for citizens and unarmed relief workers of all agencies.

The same would apply to the US arrival in Bagdad or the British in Basra. (Obviously that would require a large number of arabic speaking troops/police. Which the UK with >1M muslims _should_ have.)

It is interesting to note lower scale looting in Biloxi and after Hurricane Andrew. How good is the correlation between abandoning basic law enforcement and collapase of law and order?

Certainly the reports of the US Army & Airforce personnel having to protect the internationals within the Superdome suggest that much the violence and looting is not for the purpose of survival.

Separate question: just how long would it take to wade out of New Orleans, 5-10 hours? I've not been there so can't picture it.

Comment Posted By Nick Hockings On 6.09.2005 @ 05:01

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