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Excuse me but the 911 truthers were NEVER on the right per se. We dont own them, they are/were assorted nuts. Think Rosie ODonnell. And Alex Jones.

Alex Jones started with Black Helicopters movement in 90-ies, and his Obama derangement is already much more severe than was his Bush derangement. He's now a full-blown birther, of course. There were some attempts to paint Alex Jones as "left", but no evidence for this whatsoever. Even on the other issues (abortion, gun rights), he's an obvious far-right character.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 23.07.2009 @ 03:36


In essence, the poll is a lot less compelling than I thought but still an interesting piece of evidence that support for Ahmadinejad is not a mirage.

It's "interesting piece of evidence", of course, but isn't it quite irresponsible of Washington Post to publish those not well thought-out opinions at this critical moment of history? Besides, the timing says that the regime didn't bother to count the votes anyway.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 15.06.2009 @ 07:58


Well, you can argue whether or not white supremacism is a right-wing movement (Michelle Malkin gives a link to a post trying to prove that it's in fact "left-wing"), but it's quite obvious that the fact that the shooter chose Holocaust museum for his "suicide by cop" has a lot to do with his political beliefs.

Anyway, certainly, real right-wing crazies are mostly lone wolves, but they are out there, it's inevitable. When Rush Limbaugh says that Obama is more dangerous than Al Quaeda and "gotta be stopped" or when Glenn Beck compares Obama to Hitler, some of the people listening to them at the moment are insane people. The fact that they seem not to think about this says something about their character.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 11.06.2009 @ 13:14


Logically, you come from the wrong point. McCain is not going to run for the president again. Those people trashing Palin now are not really trying to cover their asses -- the blame for Palin's performance lies with McCain anyway.

They are either genially concerned with the fact that Palin is not a viable politician (and you can't seriously argue that that could not be the case) or they want to undermine Palin because they are Romney's partisans. Both of those motivations are perfectly sane and are nothing like "shoot yourself in the head" competition.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 6.11.2008 @ 12:02


That’s right, you don’t see. You don’t see what you don’t want to see. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have past and present associations with organizations and individuals whose funding were and are traceable all the way back to the former Soviet Union and present day beneficiaries of Russian governemental and political monies.

Well, actually, the Democratic money man Republicans most like to hate, George Soros, is the guy who sponsored Rose Revolution that put Saakashvili into power (unfortunately, that seems not to be such a big credit).
But anyway, what is the casual link between world going into the Kinda Frozen War state and American electorate wishing to vote for Obama?
Oh, you are talking about behind-the-scene nefarious influence, about some secret schemes and the old leftist loyalty to the Russia, even though it's a right-wing quasi-fascist state now? I'd like to know how the Knights Templars, International Jewish Cabal, Illuminati and Reptilian humanoids fit into the scheme, and how the Communistic influence forced Bill Clinton to humiliate Russia in Serbia.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 12.08.2008 @ 05:18

In addition to deposing the elected governement of Georgia, Putin seeks to influence the presidential election in the United States, and intimidate other governments from Europe through Asia.

You mean he wants McCain to be a president? I don't see his adventure helping Obama in any way.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 11.08.2008 @ 14:05

Damn. According to the Russian sources, they are likely to seize Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, by the morning (your evening). I was too young to have moral qualms about living in the Communist country, but now it looks like I'm gonna find out what it felt like being a German under the Nazi rule.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 11.08.2008 @ 13:36

In short, when it comes to helping an ally, the left’s response is “Let ‘em hang.”

Do you consider George Soros a leftist? Because it's a well known fact that Saakashvili wouldn't be a president without his support.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 11.08.2008 @ 11:10


But the effects of drilling – if begun now – can be measured in months

Then why all the competent people say otherwise? I.e. it will be about a decade before drilling will have any effect, and even then it will lower the prices for about 0.5%? Is it because they are in fact incompetent shills??

"Months" as in 17-20 months for some of the fields on land and 30-36 months in the Gulf and the Atlantic shelf.

They are not incompetent shills. But when one group of people who actually drill for oil say one thing and the "experts" say another, who you gonna believe?

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 31.07.2008 @ 14:29


The real problem is that Maliki is Iran's stooge and there's no way to run from this. So the question is this: when it will become obvious to everyone that all the blood and money in this war was spent on furthering Iranian strategic interest, will Republicans manage to somehow spin this as some new development and Obama's fault -- as opposed to the fact that this was true all the time.
At the moment Maliki's interest are best served by not showing his true colors and Bush's by not acknowledging the beast of Islamism he has unleashed on this country.
For now it's a wink-wink situation, but it will eventually have to end. The worst case scenario is if there's a war with Iran and all the American troops in Iraq suddenly turn into the hostages.

Comment Posted By Nikolay On 21.07.2008 @ 17:08

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